Publisher: DataTechWorx
Post: Wednesday 7, October 2015
Problem with registering documents on the blockchain resolved, please notify support if you experience any issues. Users still experiencing problems may also email us the hexdigest signature and we will forward you the payment address and manage the transaction for you until such time as any persisting issues are resolved.
  Post: Wednesday 14, October 2015
To activate the blockchain 'Smart Contracts' features users are required to contact us via email. Please check back for updates and information.
  New user guide is in progress, view our How To page for video clips via YouTube. Please contact us via email for any assistance or instructions.
The following prerequisites are required:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Installer 4.5
You can also download these components from the Microsoft Windows Update pages.
If the prerequisite components are already installed, you can download the basic application now.
If these components are not already installed you will be prompted to install them before the install process start
The file is safe to download, certain browsers might flag the file as unsafe for download. If you still prefer an alternate to the website download please contact us.
Download the latest version and update.
Please note that the current download is no longer fully functional and will be available once we have updated to version 2 of the bitcoin blockchain.
Remove any previous versions of timeLog before installing the update, existing data will not be removed.
Please note that the free trial version of timeLog expire in 14 days.
Please sign up for update notifications and twice yearly newsletter/promotion.
   Sign up for update notifications here.
Software Update History
Version - September 20, 2015
6001 - Wallet address account interface updates (Beta)
6002 - Merchant wallet address information updated (Beta)
6003 - Display/hide splash screen on start
6004 - Subscription wizard update (Beta)
Version - September 21, 2015
7001 - Print preview display on click fixed
7002 - Subscription notice updated
7003 - Adding documents without the wizard fixed
7004 - Focus document after add fixed
Version - September 28, 2015
8001 - Network Check-In, Check-Out, Approve, Release functionality added
8002 - Document register icon display fixed
8003 - Revision fromat manager added
8004 - Treeview workspace for checked-out documents added
8005 - Network sync for document vault added
8006 - Icon display for document register updated
8007 - Document register network function updated
8008 - Document revision history with revision notes added
8009 - Document revision numbering update
8010 - Document revision online limit updated
Version - October 05, 2015
9001 - Eventlog week view not loading  error fixed and updated
Future features update - Version - In progress
Access Group Security to be included
Custom report templates to be updated
Revision history to be included - Complete v2.0.0.08
MS Sync Framework 2.1 update
Active inline document event manager for window event handling i.e adding documents to the register on first use and user action event control
User guide and instruction manual
.NET Framework Resources