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The Bateman Group, South Africa







Unique requirements

View an example of the Server dashboard status and progress report designed with the DataServer report designer here....



User interface

Dataworx DataServer provides a unique solution for the Bateman Groups specific requirements, methodology and proven business procedures.

"The intuitive and unique folderview differs from the norm in that an additional criteria pane allows data to be categorised and filtered."


REVISION history


DataServer provides a complete revision and file version history for every document or drawing.




DataServer provides complete document lifecycle information for each user event or action.


STATUS Reports


DataServer provides up-to-date efficiency, milestone, status and progress reports for accurate cost estimation and more reliable project planning.


Time Management and progress

DataServer provides accurate weekly timesheets with efficiency and time expended status updates.




DataServer provides a worklist feature to keep each user's current documents available, for convenient access. 

DataServer further incorporates warning flags and notifications, to assist in the management of tasks, documents, drawings, engineering workflow, efficiency and progress.

DataServer time management assist in achieving the timeous completion of documents, drawings and projects.




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