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Dataworx DataServer


Product Name: Dataworx DataServer
Price: info@dataworxsoftware.co.za


Dataworx DataServer offers a complete, cost effective solution for the office and the home user. It provides a unique combination of document management, secure data storage, archiving, time management and workflow automation features to meet the specific needs of the the design office for Microsoft Windows applications.

Key features

  • Document Management and Revision control
  • Workflow Routing, Transmittals and Approvals
  • Security and Access Control
  • Multi Format Viewing and Printing
  • Electronic Timesheets
  • Document Approval
  • Project and User Reports
  • File, Manage and find Documents fast and effective
  • Project, progress, milestone TimeLog Time Management with Timesheet control

Dataworx TimeLog Software


Product Name: Dataworx TimeLog
Price: info@dataworxsoftware.co.za



Dataworx TimeLog Explorer time and attendance management for Microsoft Windows applications. TimeLog is ideal for monitoring workstation and IT related tasks and timesheets. Statistical database information is displayed in a graph for project analysis and planning.


Download the latest release of timeLog® 2015 for Windows


Key features

  • Real-time monitoring and tracking
  • Monitor application software usage
  • Time tracking for all software applications
  • Idle time detection monitor Keyboard and mouse movement
  • Monitor web site address and web page title tracking
  • Stealth silent and invisible running option
  • Intuitive filter grid for advanced reporting
  • Weekly user Time Sheets


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