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The Dataworx Team

Dataworx Software offer  training, support and software development for Autodesk Revit®, AutoCAD®, Plant 3D® Inventor®, Product Stream® and Vault® series.

Our developers have been providing software solutions  to the electrical, architectural, civil, engineering, mining, banking, insurance, property and facilities management industries for more than 20 years.

New Release

Download the latest release of timeLog® 2015 for Windows

Leading the world in innovation; Dataworx Software's timeLog and dataServer now include cryptographic notary and authentication services for your digital data and documents. Protecting your intellectual property by registering the data file's signature or SHA256 hexdigest without ever uploading data or documents to the internet.

The 'smart contract' hexdigest provide cryptographic proof of existence that is recorded like a time stamp on the blockchain. Every document , drawing, contract, letter, photograph,  recording or any digital content can now be verified and authenticated.

Software Solutions


Find share secure documents data and information


If your organization is balancing multiple projects and deliverables, we have the essential tools that will help keep you up to date and on track. Our solutions include real-time based progress reports, charts, workflow engineering, secure data storage, time sheets and data authentication that will keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Our EIM (Enterprise Information Management) or EDM (Electronic Document Management) solutions provide those mission critical multidisciplinary components, including revision/version support, ISO quality control, authorisation processes as well as the unique ability to timestamp, verify and authenticate documents/data using decentralized block chain technology.


DATASERVER is a powerful document management engine with all the features you would expect from a premier EIM/EDM software package. Functionality include check-in/check-out, engineering workflow collaboration, secure access control, resource, progress and time management. Our platform utilizes decentralized blockchain technology to timestamp, authorise and authenticate documents in an open and transparent manner allowing greater volumes of data to be authenticated.  Assuring quality, data integrity and protection of intellectual property/designs inside your own network without releasing control of the data or design to a third party or the internet.


TIMELOG provide timesheets as well as resource, system and application usage reports. Daily, weekly and monthly reports makes timeLog perfect for first time users or small teams that require electronic timesheets. TimeLog is ideal for monitoring workstation related events, accounting for billable hours and keeping accurate track of the time spent on each document or task. Daily, weekly and monthly reports at your finger tips in an instant. Statistical database information for evaluating productivity, displayed in charts/graphs to assist with progress tracking, project analysis and project planning.



Document management and revision control


Document distribution and approval


Document check-out/check-in capabilities


Improved metadata integrity with lookup and custom list control


Metadata driven rather than document centric parent child relationship control


Automated metadata based document numbering


Multi format viewing and printing


Track project documents and manage revisions over time


Electronic timesheet management


Activity based time monitoring for document driven tasks and resource projection


Real-time progress reporting


Using the SHA256 hexdigest signature of each document the cryptographic notary service records documents in the blockchain to achieve 'digital provenance'.


Each document/drawing approval or transmittal can be authenticated and verified. The document hexdigest is derived offline and submitted for registration. 


Facilitates electronic notifications


Distribution and document approval


Multi Format Viewing and Printing


Electronic Timesheet management


Project and User Reports


Project, progress, milestone TimeLog




Progress Project risk, milestone stage tracking


Full integrated customisable dynamic reporting module


Data Export .xls, .pdf, .csv


Search and find documents with an automated advanced metadata property filtering tool


Powerful and flexible search and filter capabilities


Navigate metadata based public and personal views and groups


Centralized local data storage


Metadata dependent storage repository


Active directory integrated support


Controlled version based storage

Backup and data archiving  

Provides secure multi-user document storage


Time and project based permission matrix


Access control options for view, edit and administration

Revision and version control  

Graphic document comparison


Milestone control and management


Template based Workflow driven routing follow up and notifications and


Productivity automated workflow redirection


Track processes and change requests


Ideal for chasing the sun projects


Document approval routing


Task assignment based on resource competence


Email and electronic notifications


Distribution and document approval


Workflow routing, transmittals and approvals


Automated workgroup task assignment, routing and response


Integrated Workflow work order date alerts and notifications


Automated work breakdown structure (WBS) with template based document creation, member and permission control


WBS allows users to plan and create all required documents for a project and also include time allocations per project and/or document


Import project scopes and legacy data in csv format



dataServer timeLog

Centralized Local or Cloud Data Storage


Intuitive Data Filtering


Provides secure multi-user document


Data storage with check-out/check-in


Document Management and Revision control


Facilitates electronic notifications


Distribution and document approval


Track project documents and manage revisions over time


Provides powerful and flexible search and filter capabilities


Printing and redlining tools integrates with AutoCAD


Printing and redlining tools integrates with AutoCAD


Workflow Routing, Transmittals and Approvals


Dataworx software can automate workgroup task assignment, routing and response


Link data such as revision number and document number to the title block in the AutoCAD drawing keeping the data locked and synchronized


Security and Access Control


Multi Format Viewing and Printing


Electronic Timesheet management


Document Management and Revision control


Project and User Reports


Project, progress, milestone TimeLog Time


Time tracking for all software application


Idle time detection monitor Keyboard and mouse movement


Monitor web site address and web page title tracking


Stealth silent and invisible running option


Intuitive filter grid for advanced reporting
Weekly user Time Sheets


Evaluate productivity and monitor project progress


Project, plan and estimate projects and timelines


Bill time expended


Monitor contractual task or documents


Track application software or process usage


Web activities and email


Weekly and monthly electronic timesheets
Progress Analysis and Statistics



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