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The DataServer Solution

Dataworx DataServer is more than just a data management solution, it is also a proven data management engine for more than 15 years.


DataServer support

Developer assisted technical support ensure effective support for mission critical access to information, a reduced software support and assistance cycle, to meet client requirements. 

Dataworx's associate partner structure ensure continued technical support and resources to clients


DATASERVER Information

Access Your Technical Information from anywhere on the globe. Wherever your team members are located, and however they prefer to work, Dataworx makes project information readily accessible. Its powerful document management and workflow features, minimizes learning time and maximizing productivity


NEW features

  • Worklist feature - Users can add documents to their own work list, keeping their current work set available in a familiar collection.
  • DataServer administrators can add documents to their own and other user’s work list.
  • DataServer project administrators can lock or flag documents as invisible in a project, effectively reserving a set of drawing numbers for later use in specific project.
  • TimeLog feature - TimeLog produces automated timesheets that can be customized to client specification.
  • Each action performed by a user on a specific document is logged against the user identity and is available as a report per document or user.
  • TimeLog monitor user productivity and calculates user efficiency against a projected budget in hours.
  • Revision comparison - Only the latest version of any document is available for editing but version information is available per document and any previous version can be viewed and compared to another version of the same document. 

Standard Functionality features

Treeview filter

  •  Add Multiple Documents
  • Document approval
  • Request Approval
  • Capture Drawing Details
  • Document Check In
  • Document Check Out
  • Tree Navigation and Filter
  • Grid Filtering organize data
  • Filter by Complex Filter
  • Filter Control
  • Copy a file Copy Out
  • Save search criteria Save Search

"The intuitive and unique folderview differs from the conventional  in that an additional criteria pane allows data to be categorized and filtered."

"The tree view data is structured in a practical and logical manner, and effectively reduce random searches."

"DataServer’s intelligent filing methodology results in a more effective document retrieval procedure."


Further and additional Benefits of dataserver Data Management

  • Intuitive Data Filtering
  • Provides secure multi-user document storage with check-out/check-in capabilities
  • Facilitates electronic notifications
  • Distribution and document approval
  • Track project documents and manage revisions over time
  • Provides powerful and flexible search capabilities
  • Includes multi-format viewing
  • Printing and redlining tools integrates with AutoCAD
  • Dataworx software can automate workgroup task assignment, routing and response
  • Link data such as revision number and document number to the title block in the AutoCAD drawing keeping the data locked and synchronized
  • Advanced DataServer Report Example

  • Deliverables Report


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