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  •  Dataworx DataServer® provides a unique combination of document management, secure data storage, archiving, time management and workflow automation features to meet the specific needs of the design office for Microsoft Windows applications.
  • Dataworx TimeLog Explorer® offers time and attendance management for Microsoft Windows applications. TimeLog is ideal for monitoring workstation and IT related tasks and timesheets. Statistical database information is displayed in a graph for informed project analysis and planning.

OUR Clients

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Dataworx Software provides support and software development solutions, with specific focus in the Architectural, Mechanical and Civil industries. An experienced team of developers deliver production and engineering solutions to client specification. Dataworx expertise and support for Autodesk AutoCAD®, Revit®, Inventor®, Product Stream®, Vault® series software products and development.

Dataworx Software® development projects integrate software automation for business processes, database solutions and also spreadsheet information via user friendly process oriented software interfaces; using software integrated technology to optimize resources, increase productivity and reduce delivery and production cycles.

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Dataworx Company Details and History

Dataworx Software was established to manage and facilitate the ongoing long term daily requirements of the expanding software client base.

Resources - Sales, Admin, support and development

The Dataworx Software team consist of the sales, administration, technical support, and development departments. The development team consists of three senior developers, and two adhoc junior software developers.


  • Louis Jacobs
  • Chris Naudé

The Dataworx development team

The development team consists of Chris, Louis, and Grant who have been involved in the CAD and IT industries for over 15 years. Chris and Louis are also the founding members and the authors of the original DocumentServer data management software released in November 2001, and the current Dataworx Software range.



MORE about dataworx

The Dataworx Software team strives to bring exciting benefits to the loyal client base including software development training and data management consulting services.

Remote desktop support and development assistance is but one way in which Dataworx Software use technology to bring novel and innovative solutions to the support and software development arena.

Dataworx Software is the leading company for integrating and developing Autodesk® add-on products and other business software solutions in South Africa.

Dataworx Software engineers are experience in the market place and various industries and have been providing valuable services and solutions to clients for more than 15 years.

Dataworx Software® ‘Tools and Utilities for applications’ include drawing conversion and bulk data migration for existing database information and document registers.

At Dataworx Software we believe that business requirements rule the design and function of data management solutions and that the development of software must be ruled by, and not rule, these needs. The Dataworx Software philosophy is “We provide software solutions for proven business processes, to facilitate growth and productivity via software automation.”

dataworx HISTORiCAL

Our first TimeLog brochure released 1999/2000 - Dataworx Software®

Monthly process report


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